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The Distant Thunder DUAL-PURPOSE Decapper

Now the Distant Thunder Decapper has a bottle opener cut into the backside. At the end of the day, when the shooting is done and the smoke has cleared, you can sit back, decap your brass, and enjoy the beverage of your choice with the handiest little decapper ever devised!

Always drink responsibly!

The Distant Thunder Decapper uses interchangeable rods in .38, .40, .45, and .50 calibers.

Decapper with rod………………$50 plus shipping (see chart) 
Extra caliber rod………………...$17/each plus shipping 
Alterations for special calibers………...$15 additional

Please make checks payable to O'Hare Tool, Inc. Any other payee will delay shipping. Thank you!

Front Sight with Level

The Distant Thunder front sight is fully CNC machined from steel bar stock, bead blaster, and rust blued which results in a durable matte black finish to reduce glare. The level is mounted inside the globe where it is protected and this also reduces glare on the level in bright conditions. With the level and the inserts on the same focal plane sighting is much easier.

A unique feature of the Distant Thunder front sight is that the globe is angled slightly to allow the shooter to look straighter through the globe at longer ranges. With other front sights the globe sits parallel to the bore and as the rear sight is raised for long range shooting the front sight becomes elliptical. This reduces the field of view and the amount of light passing through to your eye. You also see the top of the globe on other sights, which can cause problems with glare in bright conditions. The Distant Thunder sight reduces these problems and optimizes the sight picture at longer ranges.

Three models are available: the mid-range (200-800 yards), long-range* (800-1200 yards), and straight for .22 rimfire (no angle). All can be ordered with either a 3/8”, 7/16” or .450” dovetail. Custom dovetail sizes can also be ordered as well as custom angles for the mid-range and long-range. The model with no angle is also available for a .22 or anytime shooting will be 300 yards or less. An octagon globe is also available* for the same base price (description at left).

*The long range and octagon front sights are available as a special order item. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Each Distant Thunder front sight comes with a set of 4 CUSTOM inserts of any size or style for the base price and you can add any number of custom inserts at additional cost. Many shooters have found that by using custom inserts they have improved their match scores and are shooting at a higher level than before. Many older shooters, me included, have found that by fine tuning the thickness of the aperture ring, what I call the annulus, it allows for better target definition and does not tend to blur out like thin wire inserts can. The resulting improved sight picture equals higher scores.

The Distant Thunder front sight is designed to give you a better sight picture by combining several unique features: Front Sight with Level and four inserts
  1. An internally mounted level that reduces glare and puts the level and insert on the same focal plane.
  2. An angled globe to allow you to sight through the globe and not be looking down at the top of the globe.
  3. Custom inserts to match YOUR eyes and the targets you shoot.
  4. A durable rust blued matte finish to reduce glare.
  5. A set screw to help lock the sight in the dovetail.
  6. Custom alterations in dovetail size and globe height along with other options not offered elsewhere. The standard height is 17/32” (.531”) measured from the bottom of the dovetail to the centerline of the globe.

Front Sight with Level: your choice of , dovetail,
and 4 custom inserts………………$163 plus shipping (see chart)

Custom front sights, special dovetail sizes or heights,
or other alterations………………… $30 add'l

Please call if you have any questions about inserts or custom sight options.

*The long range and octagon front sight are available as special order items. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Custom (tall) mid-range sight for a muzzle loading rifle
[click to enlarge]

Custom Sights and Inserts

Custom alterations to my basic front sight are available, such as the one to the left. Height can be whatever is required, up to 1.250" from the bottom of the dovetail to the center line of the globe. Please allow extra time  for these custom alterations. This is just one example; tell me what you need and most likely I can do it for you. Order above using the custom alterations feature in addition to the standard front sight and custom insert selection. I also make complete custom front sights, please call for a quote.

I am also making custom inserts for other types of front sights including Distant Thunder, Baldwin, Pedersoli, MVA, Parts Unknown, Lyman 17A, Lee Shaver, Redfield and Tompkins.

I can make just about any size, shape or configuration of insert to meet your needs on a custom basis. Contact me for a quote.

Buffalo Tang Sight
[click to enlarge]
Buffalo Hunter Sporting Tang Sight

Estimated in stock March 25, 2019.

This tang sight is intended to be a reproduction the the sporting tang sight seen on some of the original Sharps rifles. It is a excellent choice for either an original Sharps or a reproduction Sharps that will be used to represent the old buffalo rifles and/or a hunting weight rifle for use today.

It is adjustable for elevation with a friction fit on the slide (there is a set screw to adjust this fit*) and it is graduated with 5 minute lines on the rear face of the staff. It is also windage adjusted by means of a dovetailed aperture which can be locked in place with a set screw once the no-wind zero is determined.

The entire sight is precision CNC-machined from heat-treated 4140 steel bar stock and rust-blued to a matte black finish.

The standard aperture size is 1/16", but larger apertures are available on request. These sights are being made with the Sharps hole spacing and are supplied with two 10-28 mounting screws. I will make custom bases with other hole spacings on request; call for pricing.

Buffalo Hunter sight...............$225.00 each, plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail

* To avoid damage to the sight this friction screw should not be overtightened.

Front Sight with Octagon Globe

This version of the Distant Thunder Front Sight is designed to compliment the octagon barrel found on most BPC rifles. It is offered in mid-range and long-range to cover shooting from 200 to 1200 yards, as well as a straight model for .22 rimfire or where shooting will be 300 yards or less. It is currently available in 3/8" dovetail as well as .450" (Shiloh) and 7/16" (C. Sharps) dovetails.

As with our round globe sight, four custom inserts of any size or style are included in the base price, and you can add any number of custom inserts at additional cost (follow the link to see the wide range available). Tailor the custom inserts to your shooting distances, the type of targets and most importantly your eyes. The octagon sights are CNC machined from solid bar stock just like our round front sight and our tang sight. They have the same internal level which is shaded inside the globe so it is protected and in the same focal plane as the front aperture making a proper sight picture much easier.

The octagon front sight is available as a special order item only. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

New octagon front sight with level and standard inserts…$163 plus shipping (see chart)
Range: , dovetail, and 4 custom inserts

Choose the specifications from the drop-down menus and click the 'Select' button for four sights to be included in this set.
Lollypop Lollypop ( aperture x annulus wall, w/ post) Select
2-Wire 2-Wire ( aperture x annulus wall, w/ wire) Select
3-Wire 3-Wire ( aperture x annulus wall, w/ wire) Select
4-Wire 4-Wire ( aperture x annulus wall, w/ wire) Select
Crosshair Crosshair ( wire) Select
Post Post ( post) Select
4 Post 4 Post ( center, posts) Select
3 Post 3 Post ( center, posts) Select
Duplex Duplex ( center, wires,
Split Bar w/window Split Bar w/Window ( split w/level window) Select
Split Bar Split Bar ( split) Select
Rectangle Rectangle (rams & pigs) Select
4 Minute Dot Minute Dot Select
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