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Our Customers
Steve Fogler with Shiloh Sharps

Your Sharps Sporter sight is sitting on a Shiloh Sharps 16 lb. bull barrel 50-90 buffalo rifle. The rifle is nothing fancy just like the rifles back in the day. I used a 600 grain bullet with 98 grains of Swiss 1.5. This is why I wanted you to make me a sight like the originals.
Steve Fogler - 2017

The two custom sight inserts you made for me are fantastic. Better than the ones from the factory!  Thank you.
John Austen, Miami, Florida

Your inserts have kept me from having to purchase a scope to continue shooting BPCR. Scopes are an expense and hassle to handle and maintain I really don't want. I know my shooting partner David Brady has seen his scores go back up using your apertures and I suspect a lot of others will see the same thing.
Nick Naul, Frisco, Texas

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