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Custom Work Examples
High Power Front Sight

A custom-made front sight based on the standard Distant Thunder sight.

The sight is being use for High Power Rifle Competition at distances of 800, 900, and 1000 yards.

Call for pricing.

Custom Work Order

After you've talked with me and I have a clear idea of the custom work you need, use this form to put in the work order and pay for it.

Just select the amount you and I agreed upon for the custom work, and add some notes and the approximate date when we talked. Shipping is included in the price we agreed on.

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Recut tang sight scale
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Long Range Muzzleloader
Tang Sight

The original scale was removed and the much easier to read Distant Thunder scale was CNC cut on the staff along with a true vernier scale cut on the elevation slide.

Custom Front Sight for an M1A Rifle

This was designed to use Shaver Parker-Hale inserts and has a level inside the globe to reduce glare and protect the vile.

It is designed to replace the standard front sight for practice and load development. When installed it should be reasonably close to the original sight settings.

Call for pricing on custom work.

Jim Kluskens, O'Hare Tool, Inc., W8515 County Road N, PO Box 138, Niagara, WI 54151, 715-251-3839